A little bit about us and what we do. Straight to-the-point without the typical attempt to be inspirational.

Some think that what we do is simple. Maybe it is? We take your logo and slap it on some post-it notes or a nice diary, we print a shed load to save you some money and ship them out. All at break-neck speed. It’s not brain surgery but we do it damn well and we’ve the awards to back it up. Get on the blower to any of our clients and they will sing our praises. We make it happen, no if’s or but’s.

So yes we brand stuff, everything from the bog-standard pen, cap and bag to the truly weird and wonderful. Deep down there is more to us than a nice catalogue of branded merchandise, we’re full of bright ideas that will make you stand out.


There will be 15 candles on our next birthday cake. And whilst we’ve not been around for donkey’s years, we are well established and we’ve kept the investors happy all these years. We don’t have a fancy timeline of key milestones, but we do have lots of happy clients like Starbucks, Ted Baker and the local café and school…and they keep coming back, which is nice. Over time, the front cover of our catalogue has been the source of raging debates; we make every project happen with great service and energy. And we’ve invested a bob or two along the way to make sure that what we do stands up with the best out there. Today, there are four of us. Tomorrow there could be ten. But together, we are the brand room. And we don’t have any funny videos.


  • David


    With his TOWIE good looks and skin-tight jeans, David is a doer with two clever ears. The left ear takes in the noise and the right ear releases it…but seriously Mr Calm and laid back who never lets stuff slip, so you are in safe hands.

  • Rajan


    Bringing 9 years of corporate red tape and structure. Currently under Bolt's tutelage...

  • Bolt


    OK, so we aren’t trying to be cool showing the office dog, Bolt, as part of the team. The dog doesn't answer the phone or flog pens; in fact he's a pain in the ass. It’s more a spoiler alert. If you do visit us he’ll probably want to make sweet love to you, but we’ll distract him with a dog chew.